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Sunday, July 25, 2010

How to grow beautiful roses?

Roses have always been the attraction for the garden lovers. There are varieties of roses that you can plant in your flower garden. Some people think that roses take too much time to grow while some think that they are easy to grow. Growing roses can be fun and you need not require taking much effort for rose gardening. Follow the basic flower gardening tips to make your flower garden beautiful and blossom with colorful and healthy flowers. 
Planting Beautiful Roses:
Roses are beautiful and attractive and interesting flowers that add beauty to any landscape. They are easy to grow and require very low maintenance. With appropriate knowledge and proper care, you can grow beautiful roses in your garden. Rose gardening can also be economical. Knowing the proper flower gardening tips will help you to design a beautiful flower garden. Below are some rose gardening tips:

  1. Roses are the sun loving plants. They require direct sunlight for several hours in a day. Hence while planting the rose garden, it is important to choose the appropriate location for roses where they will get a sufficient amount of sunlight. It doesn’t mean that it will not require shade at all. Choose the location that receives 5-6 hours of direct sunlight and few hours of late shade. 
  2.  Plant the roses away from bigger plants. Planting them closer to bigger plants will pull the water supply away from them.
  3. Add natural compost to the soil regularly. This will help to increase the soil nutrient contents. Organic manure is the best fertilizer for your garden. 
  4. Clip or cut the dead branches and leaves from the plant. When planting, if you are beginning with the bare root plants, soak the roots overnight in water before planting. If you are using the potted plants, you can just loosen up the soil before planting. 
  5.  If you are planting a bare root rose plant, dig about 15-20 inches in the ground sand place the plant in the ground. If you are planting the potted plants, you can place it directly in the hole after loosening the soil around the roots. 
  6. Add water at regular intervals after planting so that the roots get sufficient moisture. Do not overwater the plants. Do not fix the soil around the roots too tightly. This will not allow the roots to get enough oxygen. 
  7.  The rose plants will require frequent watering. Rain is the best source for water. If rain is not available, you will need to water the plants regularly several times a week. Always water at the base of the plant. Damping the leaves and blooms will invite number of plant diseases. 
  8. Roses dwell well in slight acidic soil with pH higher than 7. If the garden soil is more alkaline, add coffee grounds around the base of the rose plants.
Keep track of the health of your rose plants. Spray pesticides on the plant regularly to keep it safe from insects and pests. Following the above instructions, you will definitely end up in creating a beautiful rose garden.